What is Altitude Training?

Altitude training, also known as hypoxic training, involves exercising in, living in, or otherwise breathing oxygen-reduced air for the purpose of improved athletic performance, pre-acclimatization to altitude, and/or physical wellness.

Traditionally, individuals had to travel to or live at high elevations to obtain the benefits of altitude training. Circa 1995, the patented technology of Hypoxico Inc. eliminated this hardship by allowing high altitude training facilities to be set up anywhere. Through the production of normobaric hypoxic (oxygen reduced) air, we can simulate altitudes of up to 21,000ft/6,400m. As a result, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and health conscious individuals worldwide can take advantage of the benefits associated with altitude training while at sea-level.

Three Methods of Altitude Training

Hypoxico offers the highest quality products geared toward the three most effective methods of altitude training. Read more to find out which approach is best for you.

Sleeping at Altitude

Utilizing Hypoxico’s patented low-oxygen technology, anyone can sleep at altitude from the comfort of your own home.




Exercising at Altitude

Working out in a hypoxic environment 2-3 times per week, athletes can boost performance to otherwise unachievable levels.





Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT)

The newest of the altitude training protocols and has become greatly supported in use for health and wellness purposes. 

Here is a fantastic overview of the different training methods and the performance enhancements of each method. Nick Grantham on:


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