Exercise Training Products

BLM Altitude Sells the most Versatile ALTITUDE TRAINING SYSTEM in the world!

Each of our products is sold ala carte, so that your system can be customized to perform ALL 3 of the major methods of altitude training.

Wrist Mount Pulse-Oximeter

Displays Blood-Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) & Pulse Rate - Monitor SpO2 for Sleep & Exercise at Altitude - Bluetooth connectivity to Hypoxico Training Software - Wrist-Mount design for easy viewing

Altitude Training Mask

Exercise at Altitude or perform IHT with our high quality Altitude Training Mask. Combined with the Universal Mask Circuit and a Hypoxico Generator, the Altitude Training Mask enables users to

Universal Mask Circuit

The Universal Mask Circuit enables both Exercising at altitude and IHT Training. Designed for use with the Everest Summit II or the HYP-123 generators, the Universal Mask Circuit is easy

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

This small and easy to use Oxi-Go-Pro pulse oximeter is the quintessential SpO2 monitor device for use during sleep, exercise and IHT. The fingertip design keeps your hand free for

Altitude Chamber

Altitude chambers are the ultimate in efficiency and practicality for hypoxic exercise in health clubs, professional training facilities, or in the comfort of your own home or office. With equal

Altitude Trainer Box

This system is our latest advance in altitude workout technology. This option is perfect for personal training studios, individual homes as well as elite gyms and pro-sports teams.


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