Military / Government

Soldiers now can use Hypoxico technology can upgrade their entire oxygen metabolism, allowing for peak performance and turning them into high caliber Warrior Athletes! We do this by simulating a high-altitude training environment at sea level.

Sports Performance

For decades now, athletes have been aware of the benefits that altitude training can have for their performance, in terms of overall strength, power, and endurance. Today, it is the most popular and only legal method to getting a physiological edge over the competition.


By sleeping at progressively higher levels of normobaric hypoxia, and by exercising in hypoxia at home before leaving for an expedition, mountaineers and tourists alike can pre-acclimatize and prepare themselves for exposure to extreme altitudes.

Research Facilities

At Hypoxico, our systems and technologies have been utilized in several fields of research. There are many applications of our products that can be used for conducting tests regarding the effects of altitude in several different contexts.

Health and Wellness

For decades, doctors and epidemiologists have recognized the undeniable fact that permanent residents of high altitudes have decreased occurrences of many very common chronic diseases. Hypoxico offers a wide variety of products designed to maximize the benefits of health and wellness.

High Altitude Environments

Customized altitude solutions -Hypoxico will work with you to create your customized high altitude environment.


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